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Have you noticed things getting a little hairy this November?

We’ve loved seeing colon cancer join Movember, the movement each November where men grow various forms of facial hair to bring attention to men's health issues. This year several rock star fundraisers, including radio DJ Wes Styles, grew out their facial fuzz in support of colon health and the Colon Cancer Alliance -- thank you, guys!

And while we think you all look dashing – really, we do – some of your friends and family have tipped us off that a few of you are entering into dangerous Neanderthal-like territory, sans grunting and loin cloths. Our personal opinion is that if Dumbledore and Duck Dynasty can rock it, so can you. But we’ve been instructed to inform you that you can honor the fruits of your labor – and this cause – with a return to hygiene and the 21st century.

In other words, shave this too!

In all seriousness, thank you again to all those who participated in Movember on behalf of us. Want to get involved next year? Contact Alison Ornitz at 202-628-1023 ex. 109.


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