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National nonprofit Colorectal Cancer Alliance is calling on allies to participate in its fourth annual survey of young-onset colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. The survey lets the Alliance learn about and track the self-reported medical, psychosocial, and quality of life experiences of allies.

A data-based understanding of young-onset colorectal cancer, in the form of thousands of aggregated voices, can drive improvements in prevention, treatment and survivorship, said Dr. Ronit Yarden, the Alliance’s senior director of medical affairs.

Here are 20 reasons patients, survivors, and caregivers should take this survey:

  1. The Never Too Young survey provides compelling data supporting efforts against young-onset colorectal cancer.

  2. The survey offers insight into the complicated lives of young-onset colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, so the Alliance can help.

  3. The survey gives voice to lost loved ones by letting caregivers take the survey on their behalf.    

  4. This survey provides the medical community with clear evidence that people are never too young for colorectal cancer.

  5. This survey extracts the diverse experiences of young-onset colorectal cancer survivors, because survivors are much more than statistics.

  6. This survey arms advocates to educate allies, the medical community, and the general public.

  7. Those touched by young-onset colorectal cancer should be heard.

  8. This survey confirms data collected by researchers and clinicians working in this field.

  9. In response to feedback, caregivers are provided more opportunities to share their experience in this year’s survey.  

  10. The survey helps identify what tools and tactics are needed to prevent young-onset colorectal cancer.

  11. The survey affirms and supports the awareness work of the Alliance’s Never Too Young Advisory Board.

  12. Young-onset colorectal cancer is on the rise—and that’s a story that must be told.

  13. Data about the young-onset experience can help colorectal cancer prevention and support organizations design services appropriate for the under-50 age group.

  14. The survey amplifies the voices of individuals.

  15. Annual surveys show change over time—so allies should take the survey every year!  

  16. The broad base of respondents illustrates the impact of young-onset colorectal cancer across demographics and even countries.

  17. The data provided from this survey will likely support the new American Cancer Society screening guidelines.

  18. Your input will inform the Alliance about the activities and programs we need to develop to help the young-onset community.

  19. Survey results provide data that can be transformed into digestible statistics for the general public—find them on social media and elsewhere.

  20. The caregiver section of the survey will let the Alliance better serve this important community.

So, how about it? Take the survey here!



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