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In this time of uncertainty and social isolation, it is important that we spend our time doing things that make us feel connected, engaged, and healthy—both mentally and physically. But how can we stay positive during a time like this?

Here are 38 ideas that you can use right now to help cope with COVID-19

Lean on your allies

  • Join the Alliance’s Blue Hope Nation on Facebook

  • Participate in the Buddy Program (you can be connected to a buddy or become a buddy mentor)

  • Call our free helpline to speak with a certified patient and family support navigator

  • Join our daily online chats to connect with others. There’s a brand new chat dedicated to the COVID-19-related anxiety and feelings we’re all struggling with right now.  


Look for silver linings

  • We have been given the opportunity to slow down, to stay home, to enjoy your family

  • Cook together, read together, laugh together (even virtually)

  • You can now do that thing you’ve been putting off

  • Pay attention to humanity, the good news, and how compassion is being shown

Focus on the things you can do versus those you can’t

  • Do a puzzle

  • Read a book

  • Organize photographs

  • Tell your story 

  • Learn a new hobby

  • Wander historical New Orleans, watch fish at the National Aquarium, or ride attractions at Disney—all virtually!

  • Play your instrument or learn how to play an instrument

  • Write to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

  • Teach your pet a new trick

  • Go through your closet and make a pile of clothes that you want to donate 

  • Journal your quarantine experiences

  • Read past Mental Health Mondays for great ideas on mindfulness

  • Consider writing your cancer story, even if you don’t have a plan to share it

Seek spiritual health

  • If you’re used to attending a worship service, see if your congregation is offering video streaming

  • Use your congregation’s directory and call a few people you typically only see at your worship service

Find ways to give

  • If you have the means, find ways to give to those who are less fortunate

  • Donate to a local food bank

  • Send an e-card of encouragement

  • Write an email to a friend

  • Donate to a cause of your choosing or a small business that may be especially impacted by the virus

  • Let this uncertain time be remembered for compassion, friendship, generosity, and courage

Follow the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's updates on COVID-19 (coronavirus) here


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