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The day Ken was diagnosed with colon cancer was the worst day of my life. Right after Christmas, Ken abruptly announced he was going to the hospital. The next time I saw him, he had already been admitted. Our lives changed forever after that moment.

This is my story. My name is Julie Zier and I am the wife and caregiver to Ken Kiess, a colon cancer warrior.

Ken and I met on a blind date in 2009. I married Ken and his thick NY accent just over two years ago. We were looking forward to a long and wonderful life together.

We had a dark couple of weeks after Ken’s diagnosis. We started calling everyone who we knew could help—I needed to be sure that Ken was getting the newest and best treatment. I reached out to the Colon Cancer Alliance in hopes of finding answers and support.

Through the Colon Cancer Alliance’s Blue Hope Nation, I have been able to speak to other colon cancer warriors going through the same journey. The community inspires me to believe that with Ken’s resilience and strength, he, too, can overcome this. Together, we are a team made stronger by the support system we’ve built through the Colon Cancer Alliance. And you can help too.

With your tax-deductible donation of $25$50, or $80, the Colon Cancer Alliance can continue to provide the support programs that have helped me through the rough days.

  • Blue Hope Nation, an online community dedicated to those affected by colon cancer, connects members with thousands from across the world. Most importantly, members can share their stories and ask questions about their journeys. The Patient Support Navigators moderating the chat provide perspective and support in ways I could never have imagined.
  • The Colon Cancer Alliance’s Toll-Free Helpline and new website live chat provide resources and answers to difficult questions about the disease or simply lend a listening ear.

You all know how difficult it can be as a caregiver, but Ken is my guiding light. Together, we can do this. Provide strength to those who need it the most. Give today.

One day at a time. We WILL get through this.

I urge you to help fund the Colon Cancer Alliance’s work in 2016 by making a contribution today.





P.S. By making your gift to the Colon Cancer Alliance now, you can start the New Year knowing you are helping patients, survivors and caregivers feel less alone, less afraid and more hopeful for the future.


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