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“It isn’t cancer, is it?” asked David Prochnow to his doctor, half-jokingly. He was 35 at the time – healthy, active and happily married with two young children.

Before his doctor could respond, David knew. His worst fears were confirmed a few days later – stage III colorectal cancer. But David’s not alone -– nearly 15,000 people under age 50 are diagnosed every year.

We’re committed to preventing more cases like David’s, and that’s why we’re asking you to help us fund research into why this cancer is on the rise in young people. Using the nation’s best peer-review process through the American Association for Cancer Research, a top scientist will be selected to address this disparity in young onset colorectal cancer, and your contribution of $25, $50, $80 or more will directly further this breakthrough research.

What you can do: It’s time to take a stand against this disease, and we’re asking YOU to be a part of the solution. With a donation of $250 or more, you will be showcased on the Blue Hope Research Award webpage. Most importantly, your tax-deductible donation will ensure we have the knowledge, tools and resources to knock out this disease.

Join us in this unique research opportunity with a one-time or recurring donation to this lifesaving initiative.

David is one of the lucky ones. He’s now 53 years old and cancer free. He’s grateful to be alive, and thankful he was able to see his children graduate. But, the journeys of his fellow cancer warriors don’t all end this way.

Let’s work together to beat the odds. Thank you in advance for your support!


 Eric Signature (1)

Eric Hargis
CEO, Colon Cancer Alliance

PS – Are you looking for ways to honor or remember a loved one by making a donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance? Click here to make your gift today! 

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