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Deondre William’s path with CRC began in 2017 when he was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. He didn’t experience any symptoms other than blood in his stool, which he originally self-diagnosed as hemorrhoids. Now a Life Coach and Speaker, Deondre uses his story to teach others how to heal trauma. 

Deondre believes in the power of positivity, education, living a healthy lifestyle, and the ability to move through the curveballs that life throws at us. Through advocacy and community engagement, he brings powerful purpose to his now cancer-free life. 

It Started With Denial 

Deondre knows that no two trauma stories are the same. For him, it was evident that his colon cancer experience began with denial. 

“When it comes down to a disease of this magnitude – cancer – you don’t want it to be this diagnosis,” Deondre said. “So instead of going to a doctor, I went to Google university. I stopped doing physical labor and thought I had healed myself because the blood in my stool went away. But when I started back with my regular routine, the blood returned and sparked even more fear.”

Ultimately, it took some encouragement from his wife in order to get seen by a doctor. The news he received would quickly turn his denial into full-blown anger, fear, frustration, and depression.