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Colon cancer is up to 90% treatable when caught early through screening. Yet, one-third of Americans report they aren’t up-to-date with screening guidelines. We are committed to ensuring all those who desire lifesaving screening are able to get checked, regardless of what barriers stand in their way.

We’re proud to partner with Boston Scientific and ColonoscopyAssist to offer the Blue Hope Prevention Award, a program providing qualifying individuals with financial support for the cost of screening or other screening-related expenses such as transportation, child care and lost wages. Hear from one grant recipient how this program affected her life.

“Receiving the Blue Hope Prevention Award is hopefully going to save my life. Because of my colonoscopy, I found out I have colon cancer. My recent surgery went well and greatest news ever – I’m cancer free! It’s like a miracle! If your organization had not provided this gift of a colonoscopy for me, my life would be very different. I'm unemployed so there was no insurance to cover the test. How can I begin to thank you?

I also never would have imagined how important and valuable the constant contact the Colon Cancer Alliance staff provides truly is! It's comforting to get e-mails asking how I'm doing and offering support in other ways, like counseling. AND it's not a "form letter" that's sent –  it's an actual human being that responds to my emails! In this day and age, that's rare. Thank you for the support I didn't realize I'd need but do now. Like a gift from above, that is what I would call your organization. Thank you from my heart."  - Jessica Lee

Learn more and apply for screening assistance.

Pictured: Jessica Lee and her surgeon, Dr. Raul Aron, who she calls her “Gentle Giant Angel.”


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