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The Colon Cancer Alliance National Conference kicks off in just over two weeks – wowzers! In all the crunch-time craziness, we’re getting pretty darn excited about meeting with all of you, not to mention the inspiring and informative sessions we’ve got planned. To give you a taste of what’s in store, Dr. Whitney Jones, gastroenterologist and Colon Cancer Prevention Project founder, sheds some light on what he’ll be talking about and why this conference is down-right stellar for patients, caregivers and medical professionals alike!

[caption id="attachment_738" align="alignright" width="363"]Dr. Whitney Jones, practicing gastroenterologist and Colon Cancer Prevention Project founder, will present on issues faced by patients in younger populations. Dr. Whitney Jones, practicing gastroenterologist and Colon Cancer Prevention Project founder, will present on issues faced by patients in younger populations.[/caption]

What will attendees learn in your session?

My session is called ‘Challenges and Issues Faced by Young Survivors,’ and it’s going to be about just that. Attendees will learn what's going on with the increasing frequency of colon and rectal cancer in young people, specifically the under 50 crowd. What do we know about it? What does it mean? What can we use from the information to develop better strategies for prevention and screening and to increase early detection for these folks?

The most exciting thing about you session -- GO!

The potential of what we can do as a group of advocates to use the information I’m going to present is exciting. Together, we need to develop improved communication and screening strategies, not just in words but by creating a difference in policy among the groups that determine these policies nationally. I think the chance for people at the National Conference to become more effective advocates with a unified message is what excites me most about the session.

Why are you personally pumped for the Colon Cancer Alliance National Conference?

What excites me most about the National Conference is that we’ll be addressing some of the pressing issues people affected by colon cancer are facing, like survival issues, financial issues, understanding how to deal with complications of chemotherapy, and the issues of how to improve early detection and prevention. I think it sets the Colon Cancer Alliance apart from other advocacy groups because we talk about issues that other people are scared to tread on. We’re not looking at things strictly from an institutional standpoint, but really taking the patient, community and survivor standpoints.

Learn more about our National Conference and register now!


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