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In February 2000, President Bill Clinton officially dedicated March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, it has grown to be a rallying point for the colorectal cancer community. 

Right now, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance is putting together the final details for the most important awareness month ever. Colorectal cancer screenings have drastically declined due to COVID-19, and researchers say these delays in screening and treatment for people with the disease could result in thousands of additional deaths over the next decade. 

This March, the Alliance is determined to get screenings back on track. Together, we can take control and limit the pandemic’s effects on our community. Here’s how:

The Screening Pledge

Central to our efforts is our new screening pledge, which is part of our Screening During COVID-19 campaign. Our message is simple: Screening is the No. 1 way to prevent colorectal cancer. It’s important, safe, and most people have options. This March, we will activate our networks, volunteers, and staff to gather at least 10,000 pledges to get screened. People who sign the pledge will receive messages from the Alliance to help them decide which screening test is right for them, find a nearby provider, and encourage follow-through on the test. We are serious about screening.

Empowering Allies

In the coming days, we will update our National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month website with resources and social media toolkits you can use to spread awareness about this disease, the second-deadliest cancer among men and women combined. Whether you are a medical professional, industry partner, or everyday ally, the social media toolkits will make it easier than ever to share the importance of screening with patients, colleagues, friends, and family. Subscribe to us and stay updated on this and all March activities. 

Dress in Blue Day

On Friday, March 5, we go blue. We’re asking everyone — especially you! — to post Dress in Blue Day photos on social media with the hashtag #DressInBlueDay and a call to sign the screening pledge at pledge.getscreened.org. Plus, we’ll be holding the first-ever Blue Bag Lunch at 12 p.m. EST on March 5. This virtual event will combine inspiring perspectives and actionable information for allies who want to learn more about colorectal cancer, the Alliance, and how we can end this disease. Subscribe here to stay in the loop. 

Taking Over the Airwaves

Last March, our Never Too Young Advisory Board earned more than 75 media appearances on local television stations. These fearless volunteers shared their stories and the importance of screening with their communities, undoubtedly saving lives. They’ll be at it again this year, as the Alliance staff works to secure coverage for our cause in national media outlets, too. Our life-saving message is coming to airwaves near you this March!

That’s Not All

We are partnering with organizations across the country to expand our reach and save lives. With FightCRC, volunteers are obtaining awareness month proclamations from officials at the state level. With American University, a group of senior public relations students are finding innovative ways to raise awareness of CRC among their peers and peers’ parents alike. With Exact Sciences, we are once again returning to the golf course for the Cologuard Classic, matching colorectal cancer allies with professional golfers and raising awareness of this disease. 

Last year, our March initiatives were unfortunately cut short due to the sudden rise of the pandemic, shuttering of schools and businesses, and anxiety about the path ahead. This year, we’re taking back control, we’re getting on track, and we’re facing this pandemic head-on.

Want to join us in our mission to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime? Start here.

Need to get screened or know someone who does? Sign and share our screening pledge. Screening is important, safe, and most people have options. The Alliance is here to help.


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