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Dress in Blue Day on March 6 lets allies everywhere join our mission to end colorectal cancer. By wearing blue and raising funds, you bring awareness to colorectal cancer and support our work—as well as honor all who are impacted by this disease.

Dress in Blue Day occurs during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s the only fundraising campaign the Alliance is conducting this March. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for lifesaving programs to screen, care, and cure colorectal cancer.

On March 6, you can join our nation of allies in blue, raising the funds and awareness needed to end this disease in our lifetime. Here’s how: 

If you’d like to start a Facebook fundraiser … 

Too many people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a highly preventable disease. At the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, we’re working to change that. You can help us save 100,000 lives, invest $30 million in research, and serve 750,000 patients and families annually by starting a Dress in Blue Day fundraiser.

Facebook users have raised more than $2 billion for nonprofits, and it’s easy to see why. Facebook makes starting a fundraiser simple, and you can share it again and again with your friends by just clicking the “share” button. 

To start a Facebook fundraiser, please click here. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DressInBlueDay in your posts and share your Dress in Blue Day photos! 

If you’d like to start an online fundraiser …

Starting a fundraiser with the Alliance is easy. Just click here to create an online fundraising page. You will be prompted to share the page on your social media accounts. When you do, don’t forget to tell why you’re raising lifesaving funds for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and use the hashtag #DressInBlueDay. 

Want to go a step further? Download our social media tips sheet here

If you already have an active fundraiser with the Alliance …

Great! We thank you for your ongoing support. For Dress in Blue Day, please share your fundraiser with your network and tell them why Dress in Blue Day matters to you. 

Not sure how to share your fundraising page? Just click here for tips. 

If you’d like to collect donations at work … 

Telling your story and collecting donations at work is a great way to support the more than 145,000 people who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year. Use this poster to drum up support and these ideas to get your fundraiser started.

You can collect donations the old-fashioned way and mail a check to the Alliance using this form. You can also impress your colleagues with an online donation page, which you can share via email, the company intranet, or social media. Click here to create an online donation page.

Finally, don’t forget to take a photo of you and your colleagues wearing blue and use the hashtag #DressInBlueDay! 

If you just want to wear blue … 

We wear blue because ending colorectal cancer is personal to us. We hope you’ll join us on March 6 to show the world why it’s personal to you, too. 

Please take pictures and share them on social media with the hashtag #DressInBlueDay. We appreciate your dedication to ending colorectal cancer in our lifetime!

Learn more about Dress in Blue Day here or March National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month here. Have questions? Email Lizzie Glaser, Senior Manager of DIY Fundraising, at lglaser@ccalliance.org.


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