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Social media was alight Saturday night during the Blue Hope Bash, as allies used the hashtag #BlueHopeBash to share their celebrations and determination to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. Here is some of what was shared: 


Thanks for getting dressed up, Dr. McFadden, but can we see if your pants match? 


Thank you for tuning in, Dr. Yee, and sharing this important message! Screening is the No. 1 way to prevent colorectal cancer and detect it early. 


We couldn’t resist including this adorable pup, owned by the tremendous ally and advocate Jennifer E. Rio Ruddle! She’s clearly enjoying CEO Michael Sapienza’s message of hope. 


Alliance Board member and colorectal cancer survivor Brooks Bell is a delight, right Dr. George? We especially appreciate her safe, socially distanced Bash watch party. Mask up, everyone!


We heard couches are more comfortable than ballroom chairs, anyway. Thanks, Jamee, for your service to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance community — even before you were a staff member!


Jess, we can knock colorectal cancer out of the park together. The little guy in the back might have a few more years before a home run, though. 


The Blue Hope Bash, a Trey Mancini F16HT shirt, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Joe, you know what’s up! 


The singers really said it best. 

Alliance CEO Michael Sapienza shared our success on Monday. At the Blue Hope Bash, the cause was great, the need was urgent, and our allies stepped up to make success possible.

Want to support the Alliance?

Make your donation to the Blue Hope Bash here. Thank you for your support!


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