Alliance adds improved Undy RunWalk registration and fundraising platform

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance has transitioned to a new registration and fundraising platform for its Undy RunWalks, a national series of events supporting the Alliance’s mission to end colorectal cancer within our lifetime.

The new platform enhances user experience with an intuitive interface, better social media integration, and the ability to contribute through PayPal, as well as a modern look and feel.

The new registration and fundraising platform will require all users to create a new account, including a new login and password. This includes supporters who have participated in an Undy RunWalk in previous years.

To register for an Undy RunWalk in your city, please click here.


What’s new?

New login and password: The new system will require a new login and password. Supporters will not be able to use their old login and password

Participant Center Past Donor information: Now called “My HQ,” past donor information will not be in the new Fundraising Headquarters.

Participant Center Contact information: Similar to the above, the Fundraising Headquarters will not contain the contact information previously imported into the old Participant Center. However, the Fundraising Headquarters has a seamless and easy email app for users to import contacts from gmail, yahoo, AOL, and other services.

The Alliance is hopeful that supporters find this new platform intuitive and helpful as they run, walk, and fundraise in support of the Alliance, despite the need to create a new account. Supporters can create a new account here.

“We know change is never easy, but we believe these changes will help us continue the fight against this disease and support the 135,000 people diagnosed each year with colon cancer,” said Kelly Russo, Director of the Undy RunWalk series.

Users’ efforts to create teams and fundraise as part of their Undy RunWalk experience is a critical part of the program’s success.

With more than 14,000 participants, the Undy RunWalk series raised more than $1.6 million in 2017. These funds go toward support for patients, families, caregivers, and survivors; raising awareness of preventive measures; and funding critical research.

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