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Courtney Forget

Survivor, art teacher, advocate. Passionately educating about colorectal cancer through humor!

Dana Georges

By sharing her husband’s story, she is proof that one voice can make a difference through advocacy!

Wes Hensel

Survivor, MLH1 Lynchie, Ostomate, Systems Engineer, Husband, Father of 2 sweet little girls, Health/Fitness advocate & coach. Want to make a difference in getting screenings for CRC at younger ages.

Alison Rosen

Survivor, advocate, and ostomate. She might be tiny but her voice is loud when it comes to making sure everyone knows about colorectal cancer screening!

Tabitha Trent

Survivor turned Colon Cancer Ally & Advocate | Ezra 10:4 | Cancer Requires Community - Supporting Caregivers, Patients & Survivors

Scott Wilson

Stage IV survivor and CRC advocate - converting the ‘unscreened’ through awareness and fundraising

Andrea Bauer

Young onset survivor passionate about getting people screened, survivorship and learning more about long term side effects

Riley Castro

Survivor, turning pain into purpose. Fighting for education and awareness for those with young onset colorectal cancer.

Phalon Ervin

Mom, Survivor and Advocate. Hoping by sharing my experience, it makes it easier for others.

Angelina McIntire

Stage IV thriver, wife, dog mother, dancer, and travel enthusiast determined to make good out of this journey while healing and helping others.

Jacen Roberts

Stage IV survivor, now ally and advocate. Looking to make a real difference in the cancer community.

Diana Sloan

Stage IV patient, wife, and mom focused on raising awareness for early onset colorectal cancer with a passion for making the most out of every moment life offers.

Abby Bott

Survivor dedicated to educate her community on cancer awareness, prevention, and patient support as well as the importance of being proactive about your health and knowing your family medical history

Anna Dalhgren

Stage I survivor who is advocating the importance of an early stage diagnosis.

Joy Freedman

Part Dog Behavior expert, Mom, wife and Surthriver. Passionate about enlightening, educating and ending CRC within our lifetime

Vanessa Ghigliotty

A 16 year stage 4 survivor who remembers what it was like when we had no support and no one would take under 50 colon cancer seriously. We have come so far in this fight, but still have so much to do!

Kevin Hays

Determined to change the way the world looks at colorectal cancer and screening for all ages. Father | Husband | Survivor | Shameless

Kendra Mitchell

Survivor and THRIVER advocating for a better understanding of early onset CRC. We CAN beat this and I'm proud to be proof of that! "

Valarie Schlosser

Stage IV Colon Cancer Survivor/Patient/Advocate - Cancer taught me to embrace life precious moments.

Kate Donat

Ally & advocate who lost her cousin's wife to stage IV CRC at age 29. Passionate about the mental health of all those affected by CRC.

Ellie Cosgrove

Colorectal cancer widow, determined to advocate and raise awareness about young-onset colorectal cancer. Passionate about supporting fellow caregivers!

Carleen Taylor

Advocate who lost a dear friend at 45 in 2004 and then our son at 23 years old. Colorectal cancer must be stopped. I must be the voice for our loved ones our young loved ones

Meredith Provencher

Laura Wehrly

I couldn't save my son, but I can fight for others who have young onset colorectal cancer - including those who just don't know it yet.

Lauren Barnard

Loren Mcabe

Long time advocate, caregiver to the end. Living life and swinging it out.

Susan Pfau

Kim Newcomer

Adventure enthusiast and survivor who is willing to climb any mountain for young-onset awareness.

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Never Too Young Advisory Board advocates for all young-onset patients and survivors. We remember and honor the following N2Y Advisory Board members who passed while serving on the board: Shannon Sylvain, Darcy Egan, and Peg Myrick.

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