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N2Y Advisory Board

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance convened the Never Too Young Advisory Board to address the concerns and needs of young colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. 

The rise of young-onset colorectal cancer (YO-CRC) is an alarming public health issue. The incidence rate of colorectal cancer is rising by about 2% annually in young people.  YO-CRC patients face unique clinical challenges, as many are diagnosed at advanced stages of the disease and subjected to aggressive treatments.

Through local and national efforts, the Advisory Board raises awareness about young-onset colorectal cancer and seeks to remove the stigma associated with the disease.

The Never Too Young Advisory Board

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Never Too Young Advisory Board's volunteer leaders spread the life-saving message that you’re never too young for colorectal cancer. 

Rachelle Babler

Jennifer Ballard

Ally author who lost her father in 2016 advocates in hopes no child loses a parent to colorectal cancer again.

Jennifer Bass

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The Lorax Dr. Seuss...stage 3b colon cancer survivor. Boy mom, wife, baker of all things yummy! Wanting to use my powers for good to make sure other CRC patients get heard and the care they need and deserve.

Andrea Bauer

Young onset survivor passionate about getting people screened, survivorship and learning more about long term side effects.

Dominique Caldwell

Michelle Cappel

Stage IV Thriver! Passionate about reaching as many people with the message that CRC is preventable cancer if detected early.

Angela Caraway

The opportunity to be on the N2Y Board means a lot to me because colorectal cancer has no age minimum or maximum and I want to encourage everyone to get checked - early!

Eleni Corores

Ellie Cosgrove

Colorectal cancer widow, determined to advocate and raise awareness about young-onset colorectal cancer. Passionate about supporting fellow caregivers!

Roberto Cowen

Stage 3 survivor. Runner, young adult advocate, and story teller. Raising awareness, starting conversations, and connecting with people.

Anna Dalhgren

Stage I survivor who is advocating the importance of an early stage diagnosis.

Tamika Dash

Stage III rectal survivor and mother of 3 will faithfully advocate, educate, and support until colorectal cancer is eradicated.

Annelies DeJong

Kate Donat

Ally & advocate who lost her cousin's wife to stage IV CRC at age 29. Passionate about the mental health of all those affected by CRC.

Juli Ellis

Shawn Farrah

Stage IV survivor, husband, father, youth running coach, determined to spread awareness and encourage screening for CRC.

Vanessa Ghigliotty

A 16 year stage 4 survivor who remembers what it was like when we had no support and no one would take under 50 colon cancer seriously. We have come so far in this fight, but still have so much to do!

Jason Glasscock

Eager to provide hope, help and support for all.

Tiffany Hecklinski

Lauren Jarome

Stage 3 CRC survivior, dx at age 23. Excited to offer support, make connections with other YA's, and promote self-advocacy. Connection with others that have experienced the same thing as you is life changing!

Nicole Lorenz

Loren Mcabe

Long time advocate, caregiver to the end. Living life and swinging it out.

Bryan McQuide

Stage 4 survivor, college professor, father, dog lover, advocate for policy change to pay more attention to young-onset CRC and long-term survivorship.

Meghan McQuiggan

Ally who lost her awesome dad at age 41 to colon cancer. Passionate about building awareness around the rise in young onset colorectal cancer and the importance of early screening and detection.

Ashley Minor

The opportunity to be on the N2Y Board means a lot to me because colorectal cancer has no age minimum or maximum and I want to encourage everyone to get checked - early!

Anita Mitchell

Diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer as a young mother, she wishes she’d known her father received a colon cancer diagnosis as a young man. Now she stresses how important it is to know your family's medical history.

Kendra Mitchell

Survivor and THRIVER advocating for a better understanding of early onset CRC. We CAN beat this and I'm proud to be proof of that! "

Sonia Morris

Stage 3 survivor, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) carrier, ostomate, advocate, pawrent to two pups and animal lover, baseball fanatic, and everything else in between.

Kim Newcomer

Adventure enthusiast and survivor who is willing to climb any mountain for young-onset awareness.

Shauna Nguyen

Haley Pollack

Working towards a future where all cancer patients get the support that they need.

Suzy Reyes

A stage IV patient who believes it’s up to us to advocate for ourselves. She is a true believer that everything happens with a purpose; we just have to find our voice and courage.

Jennifer Rio Ruddle

Conquering stage IV CRC like a Queen! Jennifer is a commercial/theatrical actress, wife, dog mom, Arizona State University alumni, and stage IV CRC warrior.

Jacen Roberts

Stage IV survivor, now ally and advocate. Looking to make a real difference in the cancer community.

Alison Rosen

Survivor, advocate, and ostomate. She might be tiny but her voice is loud when it comes to making sure everyone knows about colorectal cancer screening!

Sascha Roth

Christy Royder

Jenna Scott

Jenna’s late stage colon cancer symptoms were masked by her pregnancy. Finally diagnosed with Stage IV CRC at 31, this new mom made her son the focal point of her journey to survivorship.

Keith Sutton

Stage 2 survivor, advocate, husband, father, dog parent, Doctorate Level Nurse Practitioner, passionate about early discovery and new treatment options.

Carleen Taylor

Advocate who lost a dear friend at 45 in 2004 and then our son at 23 years old. Colorectal cancer must be stopped. I must be the voice for our loved ones our young loved ones.

David Thau

Melissa Trow

A Stage 4 Survivor and mom! I was diagnosed in pregnancy and want to help other CRC parents!

Heather Tucker

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Deondre Williams

"It's not what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens, so stay focused and trust the process"

Christine Witt

Wife, mother, nurse, and stage IV CRC survivor; looking to raise awareness and screening for CRC because, as Mr. Rogers says, anything mentionable is manageable.

Jason Zachary

"There are blessings even in our pain.  Even in the pain of a cancer diagnosis, it can help us live more present, more grateful and enjoying the little things in life.  It can help re-order the loves of our life.  It's more important how we lived our life rather than the length of our life.  I’m hopeful that my story will help others know that they are not alone and organizations like the Alliance and the colorectal cancer community are here to listen and help in any way possible. Let’s help each other get through it.”

In Memoriam

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Never Too Young Advisory Board advocates for all young-onset patients and survivors. We remember and honor the following N2Y Advisory Board members who passed while serving on the board: Anna Alexander, Patrick Beauregard, Darcy EganJennifer Fake, Joy Freedman, Kevin Hays, Angelina McIntire, Peg Myrick, Valarie Schlosser, Diana Sloan, and Shannon Sylvain.

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