<a href="mailto:Msapienza@ccalliance.org">Michael Sapienza</a>

Michael Sapienza

Chief Executive Officer
<a href="mailto:nsheahan@ccalliance.org">Nicole Sheahan</a>

Nicole Sheahan

Chief Operating Officer


<a href="mailto:sgeist@ccalliance.org">Sara Geist</a>

Sara Geist

Director of Marketing & Communications
<a href="mailto:maurisapotts@gmail.com">Maurisa Potts</a>

Maurisa Potts

Senior Consultant of Marketing

Steven Bushong

Senior Manager of Strategic Communications
<a href="mailto:wvelez@ccalliance.org">William-Jose Velez Gonzalez</a>

William-Jose Velez Gonzalez

Coordinator of Communications & Innovation
<a href="mailto:jjones@ccalliance.org">Jasmine Jones</a>

Jasmine Jones

Coordinator of Media & Marketing

Robert Moore

Virtual Intern of Communications

Melanie Dawn Montbriand

Virtual Intern of Digital Marketing


<a href="mailto:rhuneycutt@ccalliance.org">Regan Huneycutt</a>

Regan Huneycutt

Vice President of Development
<a href="mailto:afrazier@ccalliance.org">Adina Frazier</a>

Adina Frazier

Senior Director of Special Events
<a href="mailto:smarcoshanns@ccalliance.org">Stephanie Marcos-Hanns</a>

Stephanie Marcos-Hanns

Senior Manager of Special Events
<a href="mailto:jwojnar@ccalliance.org">Jenni Wojnar</a>

Jenni Wojnar

Senior Manager of Special Events
<a href="mailto:alazar@ccalliance.org">Alison Lazar</a>

Alison Lazar

Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving
<a href="mailto:jwinn@ccalliance.org.">Jordan Winn</a>

Jordan Winn

Manager of Individual Giving
<a href="mailto:janastasio@ccalliance.org">Joanna Anastasio</a>

Joanna Anastasio

Coordinator of Special Events

Christina Harrison

Coordinator of Special Events

<a href="mailto:sgillespie@ccalliance.org">Sonja Gillespie</a>

Sonja Gillespie

Associate of Development
<a href="mailto:jhicks@ccalliance.org">Joshua Hicks</a>

Joshua Hicks

Associate of Gift Entry

Cameron Stockton

Intern of Corporate and Foundation Giving

Holly Weaver

Intern of Special Events

Kathryn Nutting

Intern of Special Events

Jessica Lee

Intern of Individual Giving


<a href="mailto:abryant@ccalliance.org">Anthony Bryant</a>

Anthony Bryant

Director of Information Technology
<a href="mailto:swing@ccalliance.org">Shelin Wing</a>

Shelin Wing

Senior Manager of Operations

Matthew Algee

<a href="mailto:frodriguez@ccalliance.org">Fernando Rodriguez</a>

Fernando Rodriguez

Junior Administrator of Salesforce
<a href="mailto:awilliams@ccalliance.org">Ashley Williams</a>

Ashley Williams

Front Desk Receptionist
<a href="mailto:cwhite@ccalliance.org">Christian White</a>

Christian White

Junior Administrator Intern of Salesforce


<a href="mailto:pbrown@ccalliance.org">Patrice Brown</a>

Patrice Brown

Senior Director of Program Development
<a href="mailto:nbutterfield@ccalliance.org">Nancy Butterfield</a>

Nancy Butterfield

Director of Patient & Family Support
<a href="mailto:sguiffre@ccalliance.org">Stephanie Guiffre</a>

Stephanie Guiffre

Consultant of Programs
<a href="mailto:aknapp@ccalliance.org">Amy Knapp</a>

Amy Knapp

Consultant of Prevention Program
<a href="mailto:jmoore@ccalliance.org">Jeannie Moore</a>

Jeannie Moore

Co-Founder, Certified Patient & Family Support Navigator & Community Manager
<a href="mailto:ehargisconsult@gmail.com">Eric Hargis</a>

Eric Hargis

Consultant of Advocacy
<a href="mailto:llefew@ccalliance.org">Lauren LeFew</a>

Lauren LeFew

Manager of Programs

Kim Newcomer

Manager of Never Too Young

Stephen Estrada

Certified Patient & Family Support Navigator & Senior Coordinator of Community Engagement
<a href="mailto:cclay@ccalliance.org">Crawford Clay</a>

Crawford Clay

Certified Patient & Family Support Navigator & Advocacy Coordinator
<a href="mailto:vawad@ccalliance.org">Valerie Awad</a>

Valerie Awad

Certified Patient & Family Support Navigator & Coordinator of Volunteers
<a href="mailto:smunoz@ccalliance.org">Susy Muñoz</a>

Susy Muñoz

Certified Bilingual Patient & Family Support Navigator Consultant