This logo usage guide provides the user with easy-to-use guidelines to follow when incorporating the Colon Cancer Alliance’s program logos on any literature, websites and branding materials.

The Colon Cancer Alliance is committed to raising awareness of colon cancer and reinforcing the message of the importance of screening. By providing you with these guidelines, we can ensure our growing list of programs are unified, easily recognized and branded as official programs of the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Color Palette

Blue: PMS 280
Yellow: PMS 137
Sky Blue: Process Cyan

Blue: R 0 G 73 B 144
Yellow: R 252 G 176 B 52
Sky Blue: R 0 G 130 B 205

Blue: C 100% M 72% Y 0% K 18%
Yellow: C 0% M 35% Y 90% K 0%
Sky Blue: C 90% M 11% Y 0% K 0%

Colon Cancer Alliance Logo

Undy Run/Walk Logo

Rules & Regulations

Permission to use the Colon Cancer Alliance logo and any of its program logos is required. Please contact the Colon Cancer Alliance Communications Department to discuss usage and receive approval.

The Colon Cancer Alliance logo and program logos, upon approval, can be used in conjunction with programs, events and information whose goals and services are consistent with the objectives and standards of the Colon Cancer Alliance. All instances of use must also respect the nationally-recognized blue star that represents the eternal memory of the people whose lives have been lost to the disease and the shining hope for a future free of colon cancer.

Any use of the Colon Cancer Alliance logo and any of its program logos is subject to the requirement that its use be non-confusing and that the use does not place the Colon Cancer Alliance or its programs in a false or derogatory light.

If the Colon Cancer Alliance determines that the quality of the services related to the use of the logo is inferior or endangers the goodwill or reputation of the Colon Cancer Alliance, the Colon Cancer Alliance will require the user to immediately cease using the logo.