The Colorectal Cancer Alliance was founded in 1999 as the Colon Cancer Alliance, by a group of 41 survivors, caregivers and friends who saw the need to educate the public about colon cancer and provide support to those affected by the disease.

Though it began as a simple online support group, the passion and vision of those involved began a nationwide movement. Following the sudden death of integral founder Marshall Kragen and the National March to Conquer Cancer in 1998, the group intensified their efforts.

Communicating by e-mail and meeting in online chat rooms, they created the organization’s name, logo and mission. From that point, they built the legal and administrative framework, providing the foundation for all current Colorectal Cancer Alliance initiatives.

In 1999, the first annual meeting of the Colon Cancer Alliance was held in Washington, DC Shortly after, a board of directors was appointed and a committee structure put in place for the workgroup. After 15 years, we still honor and remember those who helped shape the organization into what it is today.

In January 2016, the Colon Cancer Alliance merged with The Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation. Founded in 2010, Chris4Life had been known for its successful campaigns and creative and personal mission.Together, the organization is now the largest colorectal cancer-specific non-profit in the United States, standing to accelerate a joint mission where more people will be screened for this unique cancer and where more patients and survivors are supported so they can live longer, better lives.

In November 2017, the Colon Cancer Alliance became the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, focused on empowering a nation of allies who work with us to offer genuine support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; to raise awareness of preventative measures; and inspire efforts to fund critical research. United in our fierce determination to dramatically impact the way society sees this devastating disease, we exist to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime.


We are honored to recognize the outstanding service of the following individuals. Their hard work and dedication made the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and Chris4Life a reality.

  • Dorothy Bandi
  • Marietta Barrett
  • Carolyn Beeker
  • Janet Blalock
  • Patti Clapp
  • Terry Danielson
  • Maria Donatucci
  • Julie Edell
  • Gail Estes
  • Richard Farrell
  • Gilles Frydman
  • Bill Glenning
  • Deirdre Good
  • Jacquie Graham
  • Gail Harris
  • Diane Hornyak
  • Doni Kanka
  • Terry Kanka
  • Amy Kelly
  • Bonnie Knapp
  • Marshall Kragan
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Fred MacDonnell
  • Pam McAllister
  • Darrell McGarvey

  • Pat McGoldrick
  • Gregory Monahan
  • Cathy Moore
  • Kate Murphy
  • Michael Retsky
  • Nancy Roach
  • Frank Sapienza
  • Paul Sapienza
  • Michael Sapienza
  • Laurette Savary
  • Priscilla Savary
  • Julian Sheffield
  • Vivian Sitton
  • Don Sherrill
  • Andrew Spiegel
  • Judi Sohn
  • Teri Testa
  • Jerome Ward
  • Jana Weber
  • Jeannie Moore
  • Shelly Weiler
  • Randall White
  • Susan Williams