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If you’re wondering how you can benefit from attending the Colon Cancer Alliance’s National Conference, take a moment to read what these past attendees had to say:

On continuing advocacy:

“As a past patient and future advocate it was more informative and inspiring than I could have ever imagined. The best part was I came away with so many facts about the current state of colon cancer, and I haven't stopped telling anyone who will listen. I learned to help get the word out to general practitioners since they are the first line of defense.”

“My husband and I are extremely happy that we attended the conference. We learned a lot of new information that needs to be shared with others. As a result of this, we are designing strategies to bring the needed education to the under 50 group."

On meeting other survivors:

“As a survivor, this conference gave me hope. Meeting with other survivors and caregivers gave me the sense of belonging. Seeing so many fellow survivors under the age of 50, and stage IV, gave me hope for my own future. The friendships made while I was at the Colon Cancer Alliance Conference will last me a lifetime.”

“I experienced a sense of 'being' that brought me to tears. For the first time I was surrounded by others who know what it's like to 'fight this fight'. I received the open arms and inspiration I had been longing for, and in return, I gave inspiration to some of those who had just been diagnosed.”

On managing the physical and emotional aspects of cancer:

“The Colon Cancer Alliance's 2012 National Conference was exactly the motivation I needed.  As a 3 1/2 year stage IV survivor, I was tired and in a slump. The conference gave me the opportunity to meet people fighting the same fight. I was also motivated by the study results from nutrition, exercise and supplements. I took a list of questions back to my oncologist who was happy to discuss and make changes as needed.”

“I enjoyed the National Conference so much. It is wonderful to be in the midst of great minds and people who really "get" living with colon cancer.”

On finding new resources:

"It was nice to know that there were new medications coming out since we had exhausted all current ones. Thank you Colon Cancer Alliance for bringing hope for the future."

“I left feeling empowered and returned home to prepare a questionnaire for my oncologist and an information packet for my colorectal nurse navigator. Now, I feel ready to represent the 'Diagnosed Under 50' community in a more informed, confident way. It's true, knowledge is power. I left the conference feeling like Wonder Woman.”


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