Buddy2_ARLooking for a way to pay it forward? Be a Buddy!

As a survivor or caregiver, you know better than anyone else what it is like to go through treatment, how to deal with side effects and how to manage all the emotions – highs and lows – that come with a cancer diagnosis. Share your experience and expertise by volunteering as a peer-to-peer Buddy to another patient, survivor or family member.


Roddy with his wife, Sharon, who urged him to visit the emergency room when he was having abdominal pain, prior to being diagnosed.

I recently volunteered to become a Buddy, which I find very rewarding. I wanted to offer hope and information to people who are on this cancer journey, and to just talk with people. Sometimes all we need is someone who knows firsthand what you’re going through. The thing I most like to stress to everyone is to stay positive. You are not a statistic!”

Roddy Belford
Stage III Survivor, Buddy

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